About Cannavedic


That's what we really are!

Cannavedic was started with the idea of establishing cannabis extracts as a health supplement and giving cannabis its long-awaited recognition. We diligently work and research to provide our customers with the maximum benefits of cannabis. We want you to rediscover health like never before. We are inclined to ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and believe in its feasibility in modern times.

SthirVarta- Good health, better life!

Sthir is balanced and varta is health in Sanskrit. The Vedas have redundantly emphasized the fact that good and balanced health is the secret to a better life. With the mention of cannabis in Vedas and its associated benefits, we strive to help our customers achieve a better life by restoring good health. Our range of finely crafted CBD products will garner your needs and help you achieve holistic health. 

Our story

Our team’s comprehensive research and ardent approach towards cannabis led to the foundation of Cannavedic! The undue recognition that cannabis has earned around the world left us concerned. We are committed to educating the world about the unprecedented benefits of cannabis. We believe that India can cater to the health needs of the world and help people achieve the goal of a better life.

We found out that CBD has a plethora of medicinal benefits that can help an average person in improving their quality of life. Our team experienced the goodness of Cannabis and it has been beneficial to us in many aspects. We are determined to instill the advantages of cannabis over the associated social stigma.

Browse along with the range of curated products and take a step towards good health and a better life!